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Contract Chemical Packaging,Contract Chemical Blending,Chemical Warehousing
Introduction: Chemical toll blending,Custom chemical blending
What is toll blending?
Why consider toll blending?
Toll blending contracts are synergistic arrangements that allow our customers to leverage our manufacturing expertise and flexibility to their advantage. Our customers bring us toll blending projects for a variety of reasons. Here are a few:
  • Customers who run their own manufacturing facilities bring us toll blending projects when orders exceed their production capacity. Rather than investing capital in moving to a larger facility, or adding employees to respond to a spike in orders that may be temporary, they trust their overflow production to GCC. Orders are filled promptly and cost efficiently with less financial risk.
  • Manufacturers located in other regions of the US or overseas choose General Chemical Corp. as a toll blending partner when they need to provide chemical products to their customers in the Midwest or Canada. Often a product can be manufactured at Brighton, MI. and shipped within our area at substantially lower cost than the customer would incur producing at their own facility and shipping a longer distance.
  • Customers who currently use another toll blender often ask us to quote on new projects, or to evaluate their existing toll blending arrangements to see if we can improve upon them. Switching to GCC can help eliminate problems with quality, cost, and turnaround time. In cases where switching blenders isn’t feasible, GCC can become a valuable secondary source, ready to fill manufacturing needs quickly in an emergency situation.
  • Startup companies approach us with a variety of toll blending projects. Some have a product idea and need formulation assistance. Others have a perfected formula and need to gradually begin producing as their business ramps up, without huge upfront costs. Others prefer to focus on sales and marketing, and choose to outsource the manufacturing part of their business permanently.

Whether you represent a large international manufacturing concern, a small startup company, or anything in between GCC is ready to address your toll blending needs.

  Contract Chemical Packaging, small packaging, custom packaging, flammable packaging, silicone packaging, baffle coatings, e-coat cleanersDescription: Chemical toll blending,Custom chemical blending

Chemical Toll Blending and Private Labeling

General Chemical is a leading toll blender and private label packager of custom chemical products for industrial and institutional use. We work with you for complete custom chemical toll blending projects from one-time contracts to repeated batches at predetermined intervals.

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

Our facilities and expertise allow us to process almost any kind of custom chemical toll blending project, in liquid or powder. See our chemical blending page for more information on our toll blending services.
Besides custom chemical toll blending, we also offer private label packaging services. We will custom-blend your chemicals to your specifications or formula, and package them with your private label. We offer private labeling for a wide range of sizes of packages, both for custom toll blending and for our formulas.
We have everything you need to process any custom chemical job for your company, no matter what the size may be. Let us be your chemical solution!

Custom Chemical Blending Experts

General Chemical Corp. Has experienced and knowledgeable team that can help met all of your chemical blending needs? We are prepared to manufacture an existing product for you, or design a completely new one. Our facilities have the capability to perform chemical blending in either powder or liquid form. We have capacity to process liquid chemicals of a wide range of viscosities and pH's, and we package our liquid chemicals in packages from 8 ounces to tote bins. Our stainless steel powder blenders allow us to blend and package both acidic and alkaline powder chemicals. We will package powdered chemicals in sizes ranging from one ounce bags to drums.

Flexibility in Packaging and Scheduling

We will process chemical blending on a scale from a short run to multiple truckloads, in the package size you prefer, whether the formula is powder or liquid. Our custom chemical blending services are also available on different schedules, from one-time custom jobs to longer-term contracts to mix batches at predetermined intervals for repeated shipments. Use our custom-blended chemicals for just one job, or rely on us for consistent scheduled repetition of quality chemical blending runs for you.
To find out more about our chemical blending services for powder or liquid chemicals, send us your formula and/or specifications for a price quote.

  Chemical Toll Blending, Private Labeling  
  Chemical toll blending,Custom chemical blending  
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